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Welcome to True North Pedals! We are a small business based in Saskatchewan, Canada, which specializes in both custom and pre-made pedals. Each pedal has been hand built, from start to finish, in our workshop and covered in authentic tweed fabric. Each pedal we make is hand crafted and tested with care. 

True North Pedals was born out of a love for playing the guitar. I received a pedal modification kit for Christmas one year and the rest, as they say, is history! I've been building pedals ever since! 

I have 25+ years of experience playing acoustic, electric, bass, banjo, and mandolin. Four years of touring, as an electric guitar player, have given me an ear for great tone. I understand the need for versatility in a pedal as well as good value. 

Have a look around and let us know what you think!

Please Note: We have now switched over to CAD (Canadian Dollars). This means that our prices may look higher, but in reality the most common currencies have at least a 30% exchange rate in your favor!